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10 Kids Were Asked To Draw What They Think Cars Of The Future Will Look Like. Here's What They Came Up With.

"I’d like to think that people will see these illustrations and remember the drawings they created as children."

We all have ideas about what the cars of the future will look like, but kids may have the best ones. Their limitless imaginations are not confined by what's logical or realistic. They don't care about the laws of science, mechanics, or design. They care about the things that excite them, such as mystical characters, vibrant colors, and robots. 

In a project titled Next Gen Cars, comparison site GoCompare asked a group of elementary school kids to describe and draw what they thought the cars of the future will look like. Then, they had an artist create beautiful illustrations of the things they drew. 

"Since Britain announced that the sale of diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040, the question of what the cars of the future will be like is highly relevant," Anders Nilsson, head of PR, outreach, and content at GoCompare, told A Plus. "We were inspired to ask children because they're the ones who will be driving these cars — and we knew they would come up with some unexpected ideas."

From a car that can travel on both roads and water to one that looks like a unicorn, these kids definitely delivered. 


"We learned that in many cases the kids designed the cars they wanted to be driving now, so there were lots of cute and fluffy ones, and robots. But it's also interesting how eco-friendly some of the designs were," Nilsson said. "The house-shaped car is probably the best example, but there are others that run on hydroelectricity, solar power, and even chocolate."

In addition to being eco-friendly, many kids imagine future cars will have multipurpose features, such as the ability to fly, hover, or travel along the ocean floor in addition to the road, and innovative designs, such as rainbow headlights with color-changing metal and touch-screen doors. 

The kids enjoyed seeing their ideas illustrated by an artist. "They were really pleased and excited to see their work transformed by the designer and published online," Nilsson said. "We are also going to print out and frame their artwork and send it to them, which should be a nice surprise for them." 

We also loved seeing the creative concepts for cars of the future they came up with — and we're sure others will, too. 

"These concept cars aren't something you'd ever see from your typical R&D team," Nilsson said. "I'd like to think that people will see these illustrations and remember the drawings they created as children, and rediscover a bit of their own creativity." 

See what the kids came up with below:

1. Harnitha, 11

"The Beast Racer 210 features wings for 'hover flight' mode and there is an anchor hidden in the car's tail. The vehicle functions on both land and water, glows in the dark, has flexi-glass windows and is heat-proof." 

2. Zach, 11

"This car has two modes: car and robot. In robot mode, it's powered by a brain made of spare metal parts. The robot's head is fitted with a rocket launcher and machine gun, and it can speak. The large hands are designed to fit spare parts and its boots are rockets. Its belt includes a self-fixing mechanism for when things get a bit rough." 

3. Isla, 6

"The Candy Robo car features rear windows with an x-ray view and the car is fueled by chocolate. There's also a chocolate and cupcake booster feature. The car is driven via the pod on the top which is surrounded by a garden. The robot head is the steering wheel and you can choose to drive on whichever side of the car you wish. There is also a robot assistant on the roof to help you." 

4. Kyre, 11

"The Hennessy K Cell GT runs on a generator which holds 11,000 volts of electricity. The two back wheels are connected to the electric generator and are thus able to generate more electricity. All four wheels can be tucked in and the alloys turn into helicopter propellers enabling the car to fly. Its front lights enable visibility up to 100 meters." 

5. Paula, 11

"This two-floor hover car is powered by the solar panel on its roof. As roads will be magnetic in the future, the bottom of the car is also magnetic and it's these opposing energies which allow the car to hover."

6. Joel, 11

"The Mega Alset is a hydroelectric vehicle with a shark fin roof. Its windows are made of flexible glass to prevent shattering at depth and are tinted for privacy. The car is fitted with a voice recognition system, has wings and also a rocket so it can both fly and drive faster." 

7. Boban, 11

"This car features flexible windows and is made out of super strong metal. Its rubber wheels mean that the car can travel on water." 

8. Danelle, 11

"The Unicar features ultra-smooth wheels and is made out of a metal that can change color. The multi-colored wings help the car function under water and the vehicle is also fitted with turbo boost for extra speed. At the front, the headlights are fitted with eyelash cameras." 

9. Charlie, 11

"This car of the future features electric wheels, rainbow headlights and touch screen doors." 

10. Charlotte, 12

"The Rainbow Convertible 3000 functions as a home as well as a car. Its large wings enable it to fly to avoid traffic jams." 


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