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7 Eye-Catching Movie Posters Created Using The Film's Props

We want the "Moonrise Kingdom" one ASAP.

If you love Wes Anderson films, movie props, or just objects placed neatly, you're going to love these movie posters. 

In his project titled Objects, artist Jordan Bolton uses the belongings of movie characters to create detailed posters for the film that pique your curiosity. The objects are meticulously arranged around each other on a flat surface and feature a suitcase at the bottom for the movie's title. He makes an effort to utilize the signature aesthetic of each film by using similar colors as his background for the poster. 

Bolton was inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships to lay flat personal objects and the film essays of Susan Sontag, which pay extremely close attention to small details, when creating this series. 

"Once I've gone through [the film], I make a list of every object. In my studio I've got boxes upon boxes of junk from old posters that I've kept, and I'll start going through them and I'll go to pound shops and charity shops to try [to] find any cheap objects I can cut up, paint, and alter to make them look like a certain object in the film. I usually end up making upwards of 100 objects for each poster," Bolton told The Creator's Project

Some of the objects featured in each poster aren't real at all, but are actually made of paper, foam, and paint.

"I try and think of creative ways to create objects, an example being in the film Carol," Bolton told The Creator's Project. "There are many pieces of jewelry which are unique to the film, [and] I have no chance of getting a hold of, so my solution was to get white tack and mould it into the shape of the jewelry. Then I would spray it gold or silver, and add any details with paint, so in the poster it ends up looking like high-end unique '50s jewelry, but in fact probably cost around 50 pounds [around $61] to make."

If you want to get your hands on one of these posters to decorate your own walls, Bolton is currently selling them on Etsy

You can check some of them out below: 


1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's

3. Carol

4. Amélie

5. Moonrise Kingdom

6. The Royal Tenenbaums

7. Fantastic Mr. Fox

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