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This Artist Creates 'Cellograffiti' Animals In The Forests Of Russia

Street art goes into the woods.

Graffiti artists often focus on urban environments, hence the name "street art." But one Moscow-based artist, Evgeny Ches, has taken street art into the woods with his creation of "cellograffiti." 


Instead of spray painting art on a wall, he makes his own by wrapping cellophane around two trees. Then, the painting begins. "I like to experiment and try different techniques, materials, and surfaces," he told A Plus via email. He began painting on plastic wrap with his "classical graffiti." 

Artist Evgeny Ches creates his first cellograffiti work. Photo Credit: Evgeny Ches  
Photo Credit: Evgeny Ches  

Later, he began creating animals with his cellograffiti — a fitting choice for the forest. A simple squirrel was the first animal he tried, eventually followed by a polar bear, dinosaur, and more. "I think it's interesting because you can create the wall in that place where you need it and make original photos," he added. Many of the photos include himself interacting with the animals, with often hilarious results. 

Photo Credit: Evgeny Ches  
Photo Credit: Evgeny Ches  
Photo Credit: Evgeny Ches  

The cellograffiti itself does not last more than a few days as Ches is considerate of the natural environment and throws out the plastic wrap after a few days. "Cellograffiti is more to make interesting photos," he explained. 

Still, he said, "When I painted some artworks, people came and watched the process. They were very interested because they hadn't seen this technique before." Besides offering interested viewers a new artistic technique, Ches hopes everyone who encounters his work — whether in the real-life forests of Russia or on social media — take away "positive emotions." 


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