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7 Poignant Illustrations That Show Just How Dependent Upon Technology We've Become

Can you relate?

Conversations about how much we rely on technology are certainly nothing new, but illustrator Eduardo Salles is using art to convey his feelings on how it impacts our day-to-day lives.

Salles, a Mexico City native, is the former creative director for brands such as Nike, Kit Kat, and the Red Cross. Today, he's the co-founder and director of Pictoline, a visual news site. But when it comes to his art, Salles is making the connection between our everyday struggles and issues with society. 

Check out some of his illustrations below and see how much you relate to these things. You can view the rest of Salles' series, Cinismo Ilustrado (Cynism Illustrated in Spanish), here


1. Can you count how many times you've done this while reading?

2. Opportunities for free Wi-fi are fleeting, and we tend to not be happy about it.

3. But when we get it, nothing else matters.

4. What we message each other doesn't match our facial expressions.

5. And what we share on social media can overshadow important issues.

6. But sometimes we need that validation too ...

7. Even when some of these obstacles get in our way.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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