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This Artist Imagined What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Lived In 2017

Which is your favorite modern princess?

Disney has enchanted us for decades with their alluring stories and heroic characters. It's inspired our wardrobes, engagement photos, and home decor. But it's also had a huge impact on pop art. Whether it be an illustration series on what Disney couples would look like as parents, or one that explores what Disney characters would look like dealing with modern-day issues, or a photography series that shows what Disney princesses would look like as queens, we huge fans of Disney art

So, we were delighted to come across digital artist Fernanda Suarez develop a stunning illustration series on modern Disney princesses. Suarez, who is an illustrator and concept artist, reimagined beloved characters such as Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White, and illustrated them to reflect what they could look like if they lived in 2017. 

From sheer tops to cold shoulder cutouts to layered necklaces, she completely nailed the present-day fashions that would inspire their wardrobes. She even got their beauty looks just right, illustrating the trend of full eyebrows, overdone lips, and perfectly drawn cat eyeliner. 


Suarez's interpretations on what these girls and women would look like if they were teenagers today are spot-on. (As a reminder, the youngest Disney princess is Snow White who is 14 years old in her story while the oldest is Cinderella who is 19.) We can imagine many girls would love to have her illustrations hanging as artwork in their rooms. 

But Suarez's impressive pieces aren't just quick digitized drawings. On her YouTube channel, she shares time-lapse videos of her process for some of the modern-day princesses — and she lists how long each one approximately took her. To give you an idea, Belle took her eight hours to complete while Cinderella took her 18.

In the video below, you can see how Belle went from a sketch to a beautifully finished piece of artwork. 

Suarez started the series back in July, but is still currently working on it. She's shared seven of them on social media so far, but is taking votes on which Disney princess she'll reimagine next. Rapunzel and Merida are currently the top contenders. Personally, we hope she takes on 19-year-old Tiana from The Princess and the Frog soon. 

You can check out the illustrations she's finished so far in the series below:

1. Snow White

2. Belle

3. Ariel

4. Jasmine

5. Pocahontas

6. Mulan

7. Cinderella

(H/T: Bored Panda


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