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Dad Responds To His Daughters Watching Disney Princess Movies On Repeat With Amazing Art

"Father of the Year award should be coming any day now."

After watching Disney films with his daughters more times than any human ever should have to, Shawn Coss decided to put his unique spin on the Disney Princesses we all know and love. These iconic movie characters now part of a series known as Disney Darkness.


You'll see these regal ladies, from Ariel of The Little Mermaid to Snow White of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, through a whole new lens. Just because the feel of these illustrations look moody and sinister, Coss doesn't necessarily see them as all that dark, per se.

"I've never really considered my art 'dark' as it's just the style I relate to," Coss said. "The best way I've been able to describe the style is of pitch-dark with glints of light to remind you that it's not always doom and gloom. To the stranger passing by seeing a father drawing skulls and creepy versions of Disney characters for his kids, I can see the reasoning behind the label."

The idea for Disney Darkness actually came about in 2016 when Coss was thinking up what to do next for his Inktober Illness series, a project that is "focused on mental illness and health through dark art" when a fan suggested he take on Disney characters. At that point, it was just a cool idea for him to keep on the back burner and it wasn't until he fell into the "parent-child black hole of watching Disney features on repeat for eternity" that he decided to take the love his daughters have for the Disney Princesses and put his spin on them.

Photo Credit: Shawn Coss

"This was my way of drawing what they want, but in the style I'm known for," Coss said. For example, his oldest daughter has made him watch Frozen — at one point playing it back to back four times in a single night — and so this was his way of drawing Elsa for her but doing it with "a skull-like shadow face" and looking like she "brings only icy death to all."

"Father of the Year award should be coming any day now," Coss joked, admitting that he loves Moana for its soundtrack with "musical genius" Lin-Manuel Miranda.

"That's a tough one," Coss said when asked which Disney film he likes the most. "Alice in Wonderland, the original feature, probably holds as my favorite film and character being Cheshire. I feel that movie deals with a lot of heavy topics of mental health that I never really noticed until my later years. The concepts are wonderful and the characters are so flawed and beautiful."

Check out the Disney Darkness artwork by Coss — who you can follow on Twitter and Instagram — here:


Credit: Shawn Coss

Belle (and Beast)

Credit: Shawn Coss


Credit: Shawn Coss


Credit: Shawn Coss

Jasmine (and Rajah)

Credit: Shawn Coss

Mulan (and Mushu)

Credit: Shawn Coss


Credit: Shawn Coss

Sleeping Beauty

Credit: Shawn Coss

Snow White

Credit: Shawn Coss

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