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Artist Gives Our Morning Coffee A Makeover, Surrounded By The Most Beautiful Flowers

We'll have a cup of that.

Our morning cup o' joe just got a makeover — and it's beautiful. 

In a series of photos uploaded to her Instagram account, La Fee De Fleur, Japanese artist Sawa pairs cups of coffee with delicate florals for one aesthetically pleasing photograph complete with the composition's date. 


So far, Sawa's work has garnered quite the following: with more than 21,000 followers on Instagram, it's safe to say her photos have resonated with the social community. 

"So perfect, you're compositions are flawless," one Instagram user comments on Sawa's post, marked 2017.2.6.

Moreover, "Since fresh flowers don't last forever, don't you think it's a nice way to immortalize them this way?" Bored Panda's Renata notes.

That said, you can check out more of Sawa's work below and on her Instagram page here

(H/T: Bored Panda

In love with this art? Check out some more gorgeous creations in the video below:


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