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This Artist Pairs Each Superhero To A Sport That Perfectly Utilizes Their Powers

Iron Man doing an Ironman ... classic.

Have you ever thought superheroes should use their awesome powers — typically used to fight off baddies — to dive into the sporting world? If so, you're not alone. One artist has taken all your favorite comic book characters and paired them with a sport that perfectly puts their individual powers to use.


The illustrator behind the images — Chon Hon Lam, a 42-year-old who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — said he likes storytelling and doing so via a single illustration. Lam, who goes by Flying Mouse 365, said he was inspired to create this series after seeing the recent DC and Marvel blockbusters on the big screen, aka Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

"I believe these popular characters are just like us — besides those things they're doing on the big screen — and have a social life, too," Lam explained. "A few years ago I did a series called Part-Time Job, in which they use their abilities to find a part-time job to pay their bills. I think they would be good in sports, too, so I came up with the Sporty Buddy series."

Lam said coming up with a sport to fit the uniqueness of a character and their corresponding power was easy at first but, after doing a handful of them, became a bit harder. Overall, he called the project both "challenging and fun." 

When it comes to the one superhero Lam said he would be most afraid to go against in the athletic realm, that honor belongs to Superman. The Kryptonian "can be good in most sports," Lam said, which is probably why he drew the Man of Steel with a variety of balls and equipment to show prowess in all activities.

Superheroes — they're just like us

Check out some of Lam's work below:

Batman — Boxing

Photo Courtesy of Flying Mouse

Captain America — Discus Throw

Harley Quinn — Baseball

Iron Man — The Ironman Triathalon

Mr. Fantastic — Basketball

Spider-Man — Soccer

Superman — Everything

Photo Courtesy of Flying Mouse

Thor — Croquet

Wonder Woman — Ribbon

Stay tuned to Lam's social media, both Facebook and Instagram, for future additions to the Sporty Buddy series and other fun projects.


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