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This Cardboard Art Calls Attention To The Environment, And These Hidden Spaces Around L.A.

"What's great about street art is that people start to notice those unseen places."

Most people use cardboard as storage and, ultimately, throw it away in the trash when they're done with it. But, for Calder Greenwood at least, cardboard is a source of inspiration.

Greenwood is a VFX artist in Downtown Los Angeles who transforms cardboard into works of art in his spare time, something he has been doing since childhood. What kicked off this early creative exploration is the fact that Greenwood's father was an art teacher. As for why cardboard is his material of choice, he notes the fact that it's everywhere, so it was really just out of convenience.

That being said, Greenwood has come to love this chosen medium.

"I love cardboard because it's easily accessible, it's something we can find in all of our homes," he says in the 60 Second Docs video. "You can do anything to it. You can cut it, shape it, staple it — you can make anything out of it."

On top of the convenience that cardboard offers, Greenwood calls out our "wasteful" culture and said he appreciates the fact that his work isn't "adding to a trash pile" but is "adding to a body of work." Plus, Greenwood sprinkles these creations around the city to catch people's attention.

"I think the city is a canvas, but I think I'm more inspired by seeing a little corner of the city, and I want to add to that. I want to inspire people to look up and appreciate the environment they're in. What's great about street art is that people start to notice those unseen places."

Upcycled art that can be found in unexpected places? Count us in!


Check out the full video about Greenwood's cardboard art here:


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