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This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Pop Culture Icon Portraits

Toilet paper has never looked better.

One man's trash is another's treasure—d pop culture icon.


That methodology has guided Bernard Pras' one-of-a-kind aesthetic for decades. Using everything from toilet paper to orange peels, the French artist recreates famous portraits of historical and influential personalities. Whether it's a king, a fellow artist, or even a fictional character, Pras finds the extraordinary in ordinary objects. 

No matter how many times you've seen these famous figures, you've never seen them like this:

Louis XIV
Bob Marley 
The Girl With The Pearl Earring 
Albert Einstein 
The Birth of Venus
Salvador Dali 
David Bowie
Marilyn Monroe
Jack Nicholson

Pras' full collection, dating back to 1999, can be viewed in his online portfolio

(H/T: Happy)


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