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13 Half-And-Half Pics Capture The Long-Distance Relationship Between Two Traveling Photographers

Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

While some couples in long-distance relationships keep a video chat schedule to stay in touch, others, such as Becca and Dan, try to run their joint travel Instagram account.

The couple HalfHalfTravel page is becoming popular for having two halves of a photo blend into one. 

Becca and Dan are both photographers who met on Bumble in winter 2015 and subsequently started dating. When Dan said he was planning to do photography abroad — something that Becca also does — Becca decided to do some research on how to maintain a long-distance relationship.

She immediately came across a long-distance couple that created photos similar to Becca and Dan's, and documented life apart in Seoul, South Korea, and New York City. In mid-October 2016, Becca and Dan launched HalfHalfTravel, and have been putting their relationship to work.

"I think it makes us feel like we are closer," Becca told A Plus. "It makes me so excited that I'm with someone who has the same interests because we'll get equally excited over a really good half and half. It's a project for us to work on where we're not even on the same continent or in the same time zone but we still did something cool." She also said she finds it interesting that she feels like the two have also turned into co-workers.

As photographers, Becca and Dan are looking to other travel Instagram accounts for inspiration on how to keep people coming back.

And although it seems easy to combine two halves of a photo, a lot of work goes into making sure images are at their best before being posted. Becca said it took 20 shots to make sure a horizon aligned with a picture Dan took.

"Putting halves of pictures together is more of a challenge than taking a photo itself and getting it right, because we really aim for perfection because we're both, I guess, perfectionists, or photographers [who] like to be perfectionists."

Becca and Dan are planning to meet up on a trip to Medellín, Colombia, in a few weeks, where they still plan to upload pictures. Even though Becca jokes that she hopes their newfound internet fame doesn't hurt them, she eventually wants to permanently reunite with Dan.

"I hope that one day Dan and I will be together on the same continent and the same city," she said, "but until then we're having a really good time being independent, and building our professional and social lives away from each other knowing that we have each other."

Below are some of their pictures from their travels abroad:















(H/T: PetaPixel)


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