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Artist Uses Shadows To Complete His Minimalistic, Adorable Drawings

There's so much imagination here.

Artist Flavio Salsano likes to keep things simple — and his latest illustrations are proof of just that.

In a series uploaded to his Instagram account, the Amsterdam-based illustrator uses shadows from everyday objects to serve as the foundation of his work. Then, he adds just a few minor details, perhaps a little bit of text, and voila — a finished product.

For example, Salsano's used shadows from small plants to create two pretty monsters. In another post, he's turned the shadows of two Apple chargers into little birds. 


We're particularly fond of Salsano's post captioned "Shadow love," in which the shadows from two rolls of tape create the hairdos for a man and woman in love. 

Check out more of Salsano's work below:

(H/T: Bored Panda


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