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This Artist Is Drawing Real, Marginalized People On Instagram In An Effort To Spread Kindness And Acceptance

"I wanted to use my art to help marginalized people feel visible after an election that made us feel like we didn’t matter.”

After Donald Trump won the election, many people who did not side with him felt devalued, afraid, and uncertain about their future in this country. As a Jewish woman, artist Tyler Feder couldn't help but feel sad when she learned the news. And, she quickly realized that many others would be feeling the same — so she decided to use her talents to help make a difference. 

"Being aware of the enormous privilege I have because I am straight, white, cis, middle-class, and able-bodied, I knew that there were so many Americans feeling even worse than I did," she told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to use my art to help marginalized people feel visible after an election that made us feel like we didn't matter."

On her Instagram, she posted a handwritten note addressed to marginalized people asking them to tag photos of themselves with #DrawMeTyler so that she could draw portraits of them. 


Sure, taking the time to draw beautiful portraits of people won't change the election results, but Feder's efforts do help to spread kindness and acceptance, which is something the country is in dire need of right now. Her portraits represent people who feel invisible or underrepresented and help to bring awareness to their struggles. 

The difference Feder is making is clear in the comments on her posts. 

"I love your project and the glimmer of peace you are bringing so many people. Grateful for your thoughtful mind and kind gesture today," one Instagram user wrote

"I appreciate you taking the time to do this while as a country, we've been pulled into different directions and so many people have been hurting. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face as well as so many others," one woman commented on her portrait

Feder hopes to take this project a step further and, with the subjects' permission, compile the portraits she's created into a format she can use to raise money for charities that help marginalized groups of people. She's currently taking suggestions for doing so on her Instagram

You can check out some of Feder's portrait drawings in the series below:

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