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9 Trippy Paintings Inspired By Nature That We'd Love To Hang In Our Living Rooms

“Regardless of their differences, everything has the ability to work together.”

Arthur Brouthers has mastered the art of "unorganized unity." His beautiful use of acrylics creates out-of-this-world designs that colorfully delight the eyes. By seamlessly intertwining various hues through unorthodox approaches in his Personal Universe installment, Brouthers has found magic in mystery. 

"My work is very much inspired by the individuality of all physical things and energies found in the natural world," he told to A Plus.


“Regardless of their differences, everything has the ability to work together and exist in harmony: plants, animals, rock formations, stars, gases, etc.”

Brouthers forms "images in an unorganized unity," as stated on his website, by pouring the paint on various shapes that mimic what can be seen in nature by the naked eye, and through the use of microscopes and telescopes. While he is the artistic maestro, Brouthers gives most of the credit to the paint itself.

"I always paint flat to prevent the thick layers of paint from sliding off. Once my materials are mixed and prepared properly on the surface of the canvas, I manipulate the paint with the use of gravity," he explained to A Plus. "Beyond that, the paint has a mind of its own." 

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

Just as the Charlotte, N.C.-based artist — whose work was recently on display during Miami's Art Basel — gives free will to the acrylic paint to dance and weave across the canvas naturally, he also aims to give that freedom to his audience.

"Scientists say we're just like tiny grains of sand on a never-ending beach. This may be so, metaphorically speaking, but I find that boring and pessimistic," Brouthers said. "My recent body of work reflects the idea that our existence is too great to be insignificant, and our physical proportions are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things." 

Check out more of Brouthers' work:

1. "No Beginning, No End"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

2. "C-Sides"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

3. "Dreams"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

4. "Chromasphere"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

5. "Effortless"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

6. "Irrelevance"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

7. "Mother of Pearl"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

8. "Personal Universe"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

9. "Waking Up"

Photo Credit: Arthur Brouthers 

Cover image via Arthur Brouthers


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