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At First Glance, These Look Like Regular Cafés, But They're Actually Fit For Mice

These clever artists choose to remain AnonyMouse.

Move over, Banksy! There's a new anonymous artist in town. 

Well, actually, it's an art collective called AnonyMouse that's making a mark in street art — even if it's a really teeny-tiny mark. 

Two miniature cafés sprouted up near Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan streets in Malmö, Sweden, and the "loosely associated network of mice and men" was "hoping that pedestrians walking by would find the thing charming," according to a statement given to A Plus.

While the identities of the artists remain unrevealed, they are claiming full responsibility for building the two mouse-sized cafés in Malmö, as a nod to Disney and other rodent classics such as The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers, and An American Tail


To the delight of visitors — big and small — the miniature versions of cafés II Topolino, which specializes in cheese, and Noix De Vie, which offers a variety of nuts, are so intricately designed it appears no detail was left unturned.   

"It is built mainly from scraps we have collected for the purpose of building this, so it consists of bottle caps, wire, tin cans, matches, Italian stamps, a lamp shade, and more," according to the collective's statement. "And we started with it in March, and have continued to work on it occasionally. There has been quite a lot of gluing, patination, hammering, painting, and soldering going on."

But it was worth the wait.

"The grand opening of II Topolino was met with a slightly larger interest than anticipated," the group wrote on its Instagram, joking how the crowd "resulted in a bit of wear on the inventory." 

"The sceneries are built for their own sake and not to gain any financial or public recognition," AnonyMouse said in its statement. "But we are very happy that so many people have enjoyed it so far."

Now, the group promises that the highly visited teeny-tiny art will surely pop up in other cities in 2017. 

They added via Instagram, "Without spoiling too much we can tell you that we're working on a new scene, and in 2017 you're going to be able to see plenty more!"

Photo Credit: AnonyMouse

Check out the tiny round table and seats for outdoor dining.

Photo Credit: Kristina Sigunsdotter

And the assortment of international nuts!

Don't forget the miniature bike.

Photo Credit: AnonyMouse
Photo Credit: AnonyMouse

Or the "Night of the Were-Rat" movie poster.

Even the store windows light up.

The café name on the window front is written so nicely.

Photo Credit: AnonyMouse

The street lights, flower pot, and cheese sign hang from the canopy — nice decorations for the visiting mice.

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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