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Explore These 4 Iconic Cities With These Meticulously Crafted Travel Posters

"We all want to feel like a local so we wanted to bring that element of traveling to life solely using objects."

We've shown you some of artist Jordan Bolton's work in the past when we shared his Objects project in which he used the belongings of movie characters to create detailed movie posters. Recently, he was tapped by Expedia Canada and marketing agency NeoMam Studios to create a series of posters in his signature style about a few iconic cities

Each poster is a flat lay of neatly placed objects that you're likely to find in each place and is meant to "represent the life and soul of Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and Tokyo." 

"We think it offers a fantastic way of illustrating the culture and daily life of iconic cities located in four different parts of the world," Gisele Navarro, the head of outreach at NeoMam Studios, told A Plus. "There are objects that bring us back to places we've been to and objects that make us dream of cities we want to visit." 

To select objects for the posters, the team worked with writers based in Tokyo and San Francisco, and colleagues based in Rio and Paris. "We looked at thousands of photos of street life in all four cities to isolate items," Navarro explained. 

They developed a list of objects based on their research and then worked with Bolton to narrow it down to items that he could make himself. 

The result? Four seriously striking posters made up of 300 objects that might make you want to explore a new place, or visit an old one. 

"When people think of traveling, they not only imagine locations but also normally picture themselves doing things," Navarro said. "We all want to feel like a local so we wanted to bring that element of traveling to life using solely objects — no skyline, no beach, no architecture, just everyday items." 

You can check out the posters below. 


1. Paris, France

"Eiffel Tower keyring, rose, baguette, Edith Piath record, old-fashioned camera, crepes, glass of red wine, croissant, cheese, macaroon, café chairs and tables, coffee, windmill, red and black can can dress, Metro sign, Mona Lisa, padlock, merry go round, gargoyles of Notre Dame, moped, cobblestone streets, long black cigarette holder, Metro ticket, clock sculpture, stripy top, beret, bicycle basket, Chanel or Dior shopping bag, and an accordion." 

2. Tokyo, Japan

"Neon lights, Bullet Train model, oil paper umbrella, geisha's fan, cherry blossom, orchids, giant lily pad, Shibuya crossing, sushi, chopsticks, Japanese tea pot, Buddhist temple, fat Buddha, kimono, fish market, Harajuku fashion, Otaku fashion, Hello Kitty, sumo wrestler belt, sake, vending machine, arcade, manga, little robot, whiskey, Matcha flavor snacks, peace sign, Pokémon, Lost in Translation film, and Yellow Magic Orchestra record." 

3. San Francisco, USA

"Cable car ticket, Golden Gate Bridge flyer, Chinese lantern — largest Chinatown outside of Asia, fortune cookie — invented by Japanese resident of San Fran, palm tree leaf, rainbow flag, Painted Ladies — Alamo Square — Victorian homes, redwood tree wood, hiking boot, seafood, sea lion toy, fog horn, Blue Angels aircraft model, Pixar lamp, Google Glass, VR headset, Alcatraz photo mug shot, Starbucks container, sand — bucket and spade, flip flops, and a Jefferson Airplane record."

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Surfboard, beach umbrella, sunglasses, bikini, tan lotion, volleyball, exotic rainforest leaf, photograph of Christ the Redeemer (statue), cable car, Rio Carnival costume — mask or feathers, whistle, fishing net, toucan, brightly coloured tiles, classic guitar, tambourine, berimbau (instrument), football, barbecued meat, cachaça, acai berries, and an Os Paralamas do Sucesso record." 


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