A Plus Book Club

Beach Read Or Normal Book? The A Plus Book Club Takes A Guess And Finds A Startling Trend.

Turns out, whatever book you bring to the beach can be a "beach read."

For the A Plus Book Club (aka myself and Lindsay Geller), one of the best things about going to the beach is picking the perfect book with which to sit back and soak up the sun. What tends to put a cloud over our sunny, summery day, though, is what the publishing industry has determined are "appropriate" books to bring to the beach. Books that are filed under the term "beach read" are typically by female authors and focused on topics — such as relationships and family — that are thought of as lighter and less consequential (aka unimportant).

As a way to illustrate just how sexist this term for women's fiction can get, Lindsay and I decided to play a little game. We took the top four beach reads and the top four fiction books from a major publication's 2017 list, eliminated the gender of the main character, and then read each other summaries of the books to see if the other can guess whether the described book is a "beach read" or a "normal book." In the tradition of the A Plus Book Club: After Hours, if we guessed wrong, we had to take a drink. 

Watch the full video above to see how we did and check back next month for more from the A Plus Book Club.


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