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Join The A Plus Book Club's Next Adventure 'In The Province Of The Gods'

Get in, readers (and Oprah), we're going to Japan.

This month, the A Plus Book Club joins Kenny Fries on his journey of self-discovery as a self-described "disabled foreigner in Japan" (a society "historically hostile" to difference), chronicled in his book, In The Province Of The Gods. Through visiting gardens, experiencing the dance theater forms of noh and butoh, and meeting fellow artists and scholars, he makes surprising discoveries about disabled gods, a one-eyed samurai, blind chanting priests, and atomic bomb survivors. In learning to understand the Japanese culture, Fries, in turn, feels understood. 

But when he is diagnosed as HIV-positive, everything he thought he knew about Japan, the body, and mortality come crashing down. Left with his barest self, Fries must find a way to reenter reality on new terms.


Emily and I will discuss the book with Kenny Fries in our next Facebook Live interview at 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 19. We'll be delving into Japanese culture, disability representation in media, and the way our physical health can affect our mental health. 

In the meantime, sit back, relax and, of course, read, read, read! 


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