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Mandy Berman, Author Of 'Perennials,' Explores The Universality Of The Female Experience

Her debut novel was this month’s pick for the A Plus Book Club.


On Thursday, Lindsay Geller and I were joined by Mandy Berman, author of Perennials, for the July meeting of the A Plus Book Club. Berman's debut novel, Perennials is the story of Camp Marigold and the campers and counselors, some of whom are campers-turned-counselors that pass their summers in its cabins. While Berman's characters do still ride horses and go hiking and have closing campfires, they also deal with the evolution of female friendships and the inevitable loss of innocence that occurs as we grow up. 

Berman said it was important to her that her novel not try to teach young girls a lesson but to be a recognition of the sometimes incredibly painful struggles of being an adolescent female. She wanted young girls to know that she understands what they're going through, and she's been there as well.  

"What I ultimately wanted to capture was that even despite all the difficulties and all the skirmishes that happen between these girls, in the end, it is a message of togetherness and sort of having each other's back," Berman said. 

Check out the full conversation in the video above, and be sure to join us for next month's A Plus Book Club. As always, if there's a book you'd like to see featured, send your requests to bookclub@aplus.com.


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