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Wendy Sachs Discusses How Her Book 'Fearless and Free' Empowers Women In The Workplace At The First Official Meeting Of The A Plus Book Club

"We've got our wine. We've got our literature. We're ready to take on the world ..."


Armed with our books and glasses of wine, I sat down with Wendy Sachs, Emmy award-winning network television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary, editor-in-chief of Care.com, media relations executive, and, oh yeah, author of Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch Their Careers. In the first official meeting of the A Plus Book Club, we chatted about her new book and answered questions from our Facebook Live viewers. 

In delving into her new book, Wendy and I discussed everyday ways to promote and spread empowerment among women, unconventional roads to success, and why Beyoncé and Adele are the shared queens of our hearts. We also happened to have a heck of a lot of fun while we were at it (a few sips of wine may or may not have helped). 

In case you missed it, watch the full video above, and check out Wendy's book Fearless and Free

I'll be doing the A Plus Book Club every month, so if there's a book you'd like to see featured, send your requests to bookclub@aplus.com. I'll be sure to, well, read 'em! 


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