Mentioning These 5 Foods On Your Dating Profile Can Help You Find Your Next Bae, According To Survey

Do not mention yams.

When crafting your online dating profile, you always want to make sure you highlight the best details about yourself while leaving out the less-than-flattering tidbits. Like, you definitely don't need to mention your used gum collection — save that for at least the third date. While most dating dos and don'ts may be obvious, some tips may surprise you. For instance, saying you love guacamole can bring you one step closer to your soulmate— according to a recent study anyway.


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Late last year, online dating service Zoosk surveyed 7,000 singles  and analyzed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages to find out how mentioning different foods and food-related phrases played a role in a potential love connection. As it turns out, the way to someone's heart really is through their stomach. 

The report claims that mentioning food on your profile can attract more admirers. But just like you have to be mindful of which selfie to share, you have to think twice before listing your favorite foods. Some foods are just sexier than others apparently. 

According to the study the top 5 foods that may score you a date are: 


2. Potatoes

3. Salad

4. Chocolate

5. Sushi. 

"[ ... ] users with these foods in their profile have over 100 percent more incoming messages than the average," it says on the Zoosk website. 

But what food should you avoid mentioning on your profile? 

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According to the study, mentioning yams results in 70 percent fewer messages, and fried chicken results in 15 percent fewer messages. Other unpopular food mentions include pho and noodles. Delicious, yes. A path to true love, apparently not. 

In addition to making sure you have the right menu on your profile, you also may want to know which foods work best in messages. That's right, the food-love politics continue. According to the study, mentioning a burrito will limit your chances of getting a reply, but somehow mentioning an eggplant will increase your responses by 10 percent. 

Go figure!

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