At First There Were 2 People On The Kiss Cam. Then A Terrifying Stranger Appeared.

First it was sweet, then it got scary.

Last month, some unsuspecting Swedish theatergoers were treated to a surprise. It was sweet... at first. 

As they settled into their seats and waited for the movie to begin, a "kiss cam" displayed on the movie screen. You know, like the kind they have at ball games.

The camera focused on couples in the audience and framed their faces in a heart graphic. The whole crowd watched until the (often blushing) couple would kiss. 

Then the camera moved onto a new couple.


Normal Kiss Cam

So what could possibly go wrong with something so cute and romantic? The audience didn't know there were actors planted amongst them and a sinister plan was about to take place.

When the camera reached a fake couple and they began to kiss, a zombie jumped in from behind and began to eat the boyfriend. The attack, blood and gore were there to see in person and up on the screen. 

Zombie Kiss Cam

It was all part of an elaborate campaign to promote a new haunted house attraction called "House of Nightmares" at Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Watch the zombie attack for yourself in the video below. Brilliant.

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