The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here And It's In The Form Of Terrifying Kangaroos

We've ventured into the land of what the F?!

Imagine you were enjoying a nice bike ride along a trail in the wilderness. All of a sudden you spot some kangaroos. "Oh, hey there kangaroo, strangely staring at me."


You would probably think nothing of it, just a few kangaroos watching me go by, enjoying some grass, when all of a sudden you turn around and there are like 50 kangaroos just giving you a death stare like a horde of wild zombies. OK, what!

It is so eerie. They are just standing there, thinking in their little minds, "Yes, just keep coming. A little closer human. That's right."

Like, what in the actual F is going on here. Why aren't they moving? Why are they just staring at this guy like he's a moving meal? Why do they look like a pack of zombies that are getting ready to attack?  

So many questions right now.

Dude, turn around and go the other way, this just doesn't look right.

Normally, kangaroos are pretty harmless and vegetarian, but they can pack a wallop if they want. Some can reach speeds of 35 mph and can easily catch up to this guy on a bike. They can also kick and kick hard. 

Slate recommends turning sideways in order to protect your organs in case you are ever approached by one. Oh yea, but they have extremely sharp claws and can just slice at you instead. Basically, your only defense is to crawl up into a ball and wait for help.

Just look at this one bending a freakin' metal bucket!

But lets see how this turns out. All the best buddy!

This poor man continues on his merry way, hoping not be eaten. He tries apologizing and just slowly make his way through the pack.

You'll have to watch below to see if he made it all the way out alive.


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