Poignant Illustrations Compare Today's World With The One Before All The Modern Technology


Back in the '70s, The Buggles sang "Video killed the radio star." 

Well, so much has changed since then the band could easily make a full album about it. Telephones and emails killed handwritten letters, iPods killed discs and cassettes, not to mention all the great things smothered by the Internet: libraries, theaters, human interaction...  

This fascinating transition is perfectly captured in these simple illustrations made by Zomato, an online restaurant search and discovery app. Titled after the famous Bob Dylan song "The Times They Are a-Changin'," the poignant series compares the world today with the one from not all that long ago.

So buckle up and prepare for a little bit of time travel.


One device to fulfill all your needs.

You will not find this new tablet at a drug store.

Remember when it didn't take five minutes to order a coffee?

Add Wi-Fi and a charger and we're never leaving the bathroom again.

Hat tip to all of the birds out there.

It's kind of OK to Instagram sushi because at least it won't get cold while you do it.

The difference is: The old one was fun, the new one is freaking annoying.

"Thank you, Netflix," said no one ever after binge-watching "Friends."

Yay! More space for all the cool magnets on the fridge.

To see additional images by Zomato and learn more about the company's app, visit their website and follow Zomato on Facebook.

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