Zoe Saldana Wants To Bring More Latinx Stories To The Next Generation. Here's How She Plans To Do It.

"We need role models that reflect who we are in order for us to cultivate inspiration.”

Marvel Studios' latest film Black Panther has many in Hollywood and beyond talking about the need for diversity and representation in film and television. However, actress Zoe Saldana, who herself stars in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, is putting some action behind those words by forming her own media brand to help bring diverse stories to the forefront.


The actress' new brand, BESE, was created to give a voice to the next generation, especially those of Latinx descent. "Because the mission of BESE is to reshape the cultural narrative by shining light on the untold story that reflects today's America, that also meant creating opportunities for content creators in the tech and digital world that haven't [necessarily] been given the opportunity that they deserve," Saldana tells Us Weekly. "We hired a lot of Latinx video content creators because we want to manifest our mission from the inside out."

The media platform is Saldana's way of showcasing diversity while also shining a light on heroes of color who might not have made it into the history books. She stresses how important this kind of representation is, saying, "It is important for us to reflect on all kinds of role models and trailblazers that we've had past and present. Because one thing that's for certain, especially given this box office record-breaking hit with Black Panther, is that we need heroes. We need role models that reflect who we are in order for us to cultivate inspiration."

BESE will include original programming, such as a series that highlights the achievements of people of color called, Hidden Figuras. "We have a series [on the platform] called Hidden Figuras and obviously it is a play on the title of Hidden Figures, that movie," she told US Weekly. "We liked it so much and we're so passionate about this show because we're gonna be exploring the contributions and social impact that people of color have been having in our nation's history," 

So far, you can keep up with BESE on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as on the brand's website. The brand is just getting started but there will be much more to come. 

"I think observing how content is being consumed; it's not just on television or film. I think now our devices have become our newspapers and our conduits that keep us connected, not just on all issues that are current, but also keep us connected to each other," Saldana told E! News. "I realize that the digital space is where a lot of content that is significant and current will start to live more and more in, so creating a platform that lives in the digital space made perfect sense."

Watch a video introducing the BESE below:

Cover image via Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com


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