This Bracelet Won't Just Tell You When Your Heart Is Racing, It'll Also Tell You Why

The future is here, and it has a lot of feelings.

Plenty of tech trinkets keep track of your fitness, but only one promises to help figure out your feelings.


The ZENTA, "the world's first biometric band for your emotional wellbeing" from the startup VINAYA, may just be the high-tech key to your heart. 

In a promotional video for the bracelet, founder and CEO Kate Unsworth asks, "What if your technology could enhance your emotional intelligence by helping you understand your own behavioral patterns and reactions?"  

Her company claims to have found the most technologically advanced and stylish way to answer that question — before you even asked it. 

Unlike other smart bracelets, the ZENTA doesn't just collect data. It adds context.

Is your pulse racing because you're stressed out over meeting a project deadline or because you're secretly in love with your coworker? You might not know — until ZENTA tells you. 

By cross-referencing the usual health markers (heart rate, movement, and perspiration) with your phone's social habits (calendar, location, app usage) and your own subjective input, the ZENTA will provide you with "personalized and actionable insights." 

All these elements combine into one unique feature: emotional tracking.

According to VINAYA's press release, the ZENTA's "adaptive machine learning algorithms" will grow accustomed to your behavior, allowing it to build a personal profile over time. 

Not only will the bracelet help you understand which everyday triggers and surroundings have the most emotional impact on you, but it will also heighten your self-awareness so you can better understand them, too. Through vibrations and touch, the ZENTA will give users real-time notifications to increase productivity and happiness while reducing stress. 

VINAYA told A Plus via email their tech accessory doesn't just track and translate emotions. Ultimately, it empowers users to "design a life that feels great on the inside, not just looks good on the outside."

The future in feelings is here — and it's got a slew of cool features. 

Along with its emotional tracking suite, the ZENTA currently offers mindfulness and breathing, visual emotion sharing, fertility tracking, and touch control. VINAYA also plans to incorporate contactless payment, voice control command, and city emotion tracking as it refines its product. 

The ZENTA offers another feature many wearables don't — style. As one part design studio, one part research lab, VINAYA created the ZENTA with Scandinavian minimalism and seamless fashion in mind. 

The bracelet balances style with resilience in both of its models, the ZENTA and the ZENTA Sport. Because the bracelet features a stone, rather than a screen, it looks like a normal piece of jewelry. Made of scratch-proof zirconia ceramics, a material that "comes remarkably close to diamond," the stone is also better suited for fast-paced, everyday wear. 

Both the stone and the band (silicone or leather) are designed to be water resistant, extra durable, and most importantly, comfortable.

The ZENTA won't hit the market until April 2017, but you can claim your own by investing in its Indiegogo now.

After launching the wearable's crowdfunding campaign on June 1, VINAYA has already raised over half of the $100,000 they need to bring this bracelet to life. 

As Indiegogo perks, individual bracelets cost about half of their projected market price, ranging from $119 to $179. Bracelet packages range from $239 to $4999. 


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