Zendaya Reveals The Best Advice She Could Give, And We Should All Hear It

Some pearls of wisdom for you.

Just this week, Zendaya was honored as one of Glamour's 2016 Women of the Year. Now, she's dishing out her best piece of advice — and we're going to take it.

"The best thing I've learned, and advice I could give maybe my younger self is really to focus on happiness," Zendaya tells Access Hollywood. "Happiness is a key because [there are] so many people that you see either in this industry, or just in life in general, that are going through their days and may have everything they could ever want, but they're not happy. So you have to focus on what makes you happy and make decisions, in your career, in your life, that make you happy."  


Glamour notes that the actress has "mobilized her fan base (32 million Instagram followers) to benefit programs like Convoy of Hope's feedONE initiative and UNAIDS," and said that every day, she tries to make someone else happy through even the smallest of gestures. 

So go ahead — take her advice. Let's make ourselves, and others, happy today.


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