This Ad For Tights Is Winning At Diversity By Featuring A Model With A Prosthetic Leg

"Long legs, short legs, big legs, slender legs and strong legs."

"Long legs, short legs, big legs, slender legs, and strong legs." Anyone can wear tights, proclaims the latest advertisement by Zeeman. The Dutch brand's newest video for its "Lady Fight Tights" is all about celebrating different body types, and features close-up shots of legs of all different shapes and sizes.


The ad also includes a person with a prosthetic leg.

In the video, we see people engaged in different activities, including dancing, practicing baton, riding the subway, and going grocery shopping. 

And the message of inclusivity is resonating with people even if they don't understand the Dutch voiceover. Just seeing people of all shapes and sizes shows us that we may look different and do different things, but we can all be connected through a simple love of tights. 

Since the video was posted on October 30, it has over 15,000 views, and many are complimenting the ad on social media. One commenter wrote on Facebook in Dutch about how great it is to see real people in the ads. The English translation reads, "I like your ads, [they're] always so fun! With real people! Compliments on this!"

Zeeman's ads aren't the only thing that is great about the brand. In Zeeman's 2015 sustainability report, the brand highlights its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce energy consumption, and cut down on plastic bags.

We cannot wait to see more from the company.

(H/T: Glamour


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