Here Are 23 Questions To Determine If You Are Human. The Last One Is A Heartbreaker.

It's about time you find out!

Self-doubt is a pretty natural state of mind to most human beings. But have you ever gone to such extremes that you questioned if you are a human in the first place?

Maybe you didn't shed a tear watching Titanic? Maybe your body and brain are capable of functioning just perfectly after five hours of sleep? Maybe you never got an ingrown hair, coffee breath, or — and this is pretty much impossible — a moral hangover?

At some point, these things add up and the boggling thought crosses your mind — "What if I am, in fact, a little bit inhuman?" 


Well, thanks to TED, there's a simple way to keep those lingering questions away.

Back in March 2014, comedian, online performer, and current BuzzFeed Motion Pictures President Ze Frank gave a wonderful TED Talks speech that uses a series of questions to determine if you are human or ... not so much.

"This is the human test. A test to see if you are a human. Please raise your hand if something applies to you," Ze Frank begins.

So, are you intrigued? Take the test and find out once and for all!


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