17-Year-Old Girl Perfectly Shames Men Who Claim They're 'Too Big' To Wear A Condom

Guys, take a seat.

The number of reasons people give for not wearing condoms probably equals the number of adult men living on earth. However, one of the most frequent excuses comes down to... size.

Being "too big" for a condom is a common justification cited by men to avoid using protection, which ends up putting both them and their partners at risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease or getting pregnant. But can it really be too large?

Swedish singer Zara Larsson says "no" and uses visual aids to back up her argument.


"To all the guys saying 'my dick is too big for condoms' TAKE A SEAT."

17-year-old Zara Larsson, who got famous on the Swedish version of "Britain's Got Talent" in 2008, posted this picture of her leg slipping into a massive condom. Larsson captioned the photo with a witty dedication to all the guys who brag about their manhood.

It didn't take long before the post went viral, amassing more than tens of thousands of likes on Instagram and earning Larsson the title of "feminist icon." What was meant as a joke touched many hearts and minds, but Larsson says she wants to stay away from all the boastful labels.

"I did it as a fun thing. I do not consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism," Larsson writes on her website.

Condom size and fit have a major impact on the condom's effectiveness. Choosing the right size shouldn't be about the "ego." Check out this website to learn more.

(H/T: Mirror, zaralarsson.com)

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