Zach Galifianakis Offers Up Work Advice For The Most Awkward Office Problems

"Raspberry, vinaigarette, kale — three words I've never liked."

Everyone has a different way of dealing with their co-workers. But sometimes, there are just those in-office situations that we don't know how to handle.

Luckily for us, Zach Galifianakis recently sat down with BuzzFeed to help their employees solve all their awkward work problems, such as asking someone to change their lunch habits and appropriately sharing leg room between desks. 

And while his suggestions may not be 100 percent serious, the general ideas and underlying humor may just help you break the ice at work.

Check out a few key pieces of advice below:


Problem 1: "I sit next to someone and she eats the same salad every day, and the salad dressing is so smelly. I understand it's healthy for you, but I can't deal with it."

"Raspberry, vinaigrette, kale — three words I've never liked," Galifianakis says. "I don't like her eating at her desk ... I think that's rude ... tell her to eat in her car."

"I sit across from someone and we share a foot rest underneath our desk. And they take up the whole foot rest, but not only that but their feet [go] way past it."

"My sister's feet smell like Doritos and I think if maybe you could get a good Dorito sweat going — take your shoes off, maybe wear some wool socks, and then get a good foot sweat, prop your feet up — that lady ain't gonna get her feet close to yours," Galifianakis says. 

"There's a co-worker of mine who's been spelling my name wrong the entire time."

"My brother's name is Greg. And five years ago, I just called my sister Mia and I'm like, 'Mia, let's start calling Greg, Craig.' For no reason. For five years, we've called him Craig ... he's never said anything about it. He's winning. So if you don't let things get to you ..." Galifianakis says. The rest is kind of lost, but we get the point.

For more advice, check out the full interview below:


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