This YouTuber Has Something Pretty Smart To Say About Sluts

Listen up!

Hannah Witton makes YouTube videos, and a few weeks ago she used her platform to give us a lesson on slut-shaming that's long overdue.

"What does a slut look even like?" she asks, showing herself in different outfits."And how can you tell how much sex a woman has by the way the she dresses?" 

Spoiler: You can't.

She then asked Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter users what a "slut" is and got responses that ranged from "a social construct used to hold women to a stricter set of standards than the ones men are held" to "a woman who has sex with countless amounts of men."

But Witton points out the predicament that the word "slut" puts women in: "If you do sleep with him, you're a slut and if you don't sleep with him you're also a slut." And women that manipulate people or have sex to harm others aren't sluts. They're just horrible people. 

So, as Witton put it in her video, sluts don't really exist, after all. And we should probably stop using it to judge women.

(H/T: Mic)


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