13 Images That, Weirdly Enough, Tell Your Life Story

This is a little too real, guys.

People give a lot of credibility to charts, because, well, they look science-y. Here are some very scientific images that used many numbers and microscopes, and, at one point, probably a steam engine or something like that, to translate your exact life into charts. It's scary how accurate they are. 


1. That one time we parallel parked.

2. Uranium as the latest superfood?

3. Really though, guys, we kinda need Greenland and Antarctica.

4. We can barely pour cereal without this happening.

5. Applies to apartments as well.

6. Betrayal.

7. Frying is the answer.

8. LOL.

9. We'll take our chances.

10. It looked fien when we hti send.

11. What else are they good for?

12. We can order the first three online.

13. When every night is NBA movie night.

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