This 17-Year-Old Used To Feel Badly About Her Body. Now She's Inspiring Others To Love Theirs.

It's the perfect song to play while getting ready in the morning.

There are so many talented, young, female musicians trying to break out. When we hear about one that's using her creativity and skills to help uplift other women, that gets us excited. 

Carson Hill is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from North Carolina who's opened for Edwin McCain and worked with Blind Melon's Brad Smith. A self-taught guitar player, she's been developing her pop/folk style from a young age.


One of the songs she can be most proud of is her single "Under The Skin."

Carson Hill heard about a disturbing online trend that had girls going online to ask strangers "if they were pretty or ugly." With all the trolls out there, you can imagine how cruel some of the comments got.

It broke Hill's heart that girls were basing their self-worth on their outer beauty. She wrote her song "Under The Skin" to remind us that beauty comes from the inside. According to her blog, once she finished writing, she realized that the song was also about her own body image struggles in middle school. 

"I've found the prettiest people are the ones that have beautiful personalities," she says on her blog. "If someone can't accept you, or judges you based on how you look, then they're the one with the issue not you."

It's a great reminder... at any age.

Watch the fun, inspiring music video "Under The Skin." 


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