7-Year-Old Rapper Beams As He Meets Some Of The Biggest Names In Basketball

"Dang, that was so awesome."

Young Dylan, the 7-year-old rapper who won our hearts after his performance on The Ellen Show, recently attended the National Basketball Association's All-Star Game, where he met some of the biggest names in sports and music.

In video footage from the event, Dylan meets players such as Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James, as well as performers Nick Cannon and DJ Khaled

Dylan goes on to shoot hoops with Curry, shake hands with the all-stars, interview Anthony and James, and open up a few special presents, too. 

Of course, Dylan maintains his positive spirit throughout the entirety of the video, wearing a big smile as he expresses how much he appreciates the experience:

"Dang, that was so awesome," Dylan says at the end of the video. "I'm so blessed. Thank you so much, Ellen, for bringing me here. I'm having so much fun and I got to meet some of the awesome players. I'm so happy." 

You can check it out in full below:



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