The Sign A Young Boy Held During A Los Angeles Protest Is Giving Americans Everywhere Hope

"It was both sad and heartwarming to see a child joining the protest."

The looming Donald Trump presidency presents many concerns for minorities, but chief among them is his hardline immigration policies. Although of late the president-elect seems to have struck a slightly softer tone than when he was on the campaign trail, plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the Mexico-U.S. border remain in place. Protests against Trump have sprung up in cities across the country, with disgruntled Americans demonstrating against many of the issues that they mistakenly thought would be enough to turn off his voters: misogyny, Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism and the like. 

The images captured from these protests reflect the deep outrage sparked by the results of this election. But one particular photo of a young boy at the "United Against Hate" march in Los Angeles has inspired many people on social media. The sign he carried reads, "If he builds a wall, I'll grow up and tear it down."


The photo was captured by different people at the protest, including Abigail Gorden, who shared it on Flickr

Gorden told A Plus that she was drawn to the young boy because of the look of determination on his face in the sea of adults. "He seemed anxious but strong," she added. "It was both sad and heartwarming to see a child joining the protest. I think it shows the impact of fear this election has had across the entire nation."

The young boy's photo has been shared by George Takei on social media, too. During the election, Takei campaigned hard against Trump's fierce anti-immigrant rhetoric, often pointing to its haunting echoes of his own experience in a Japanese internment camp.

Although Trump indicated that he will follow through with some of his campaign's anti-immigration promises that helped propel him to the White House, it's likely that the president-elect will face an uphill battle to enact some of his more extreme policies when he is in office. 

Already, major cities across the country have vowed to defend undocumented immigrants against his administration. And perhaps most hope-inspiring of all: protestors like this young boy are coming out in droves in defense of the undocumented immigrants in their communities.


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