7-Year-Old Art Prodigy Creates Stunning High End Paintings

What did you do when you were 7?

Aelita Andre is a 7-year-old painter from Melbourne, Australia. Despite her young age, Aelita already holds an impressive resume full of solo shows and sell outs.


Aelita started painting when she was only 9 months old.

According to her parents, she was "overwhelmingly interested in color, texture, shape and line."

Aelita had her first solo exhibition at the age of 2, and her first sell out at the age of 5. Now she is recognized as the youngest painter in the world.

Andre's spattering paint creations are close to one of the most notable abstract expressionism artists, Jackson Pollock.

Aelita uses layers of bright acrylic paint and likes to add playful objects such as plastic dinosaurs, butterflies, penguins, and other items.

Her art has been described as "wildly imaginative eruptions of color in a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of paint and found objects."

Art critics claim that "Aelita’s artworks communicate a sense of excitement and allow a unique access into the creative mind of a child."

Her latest collection "Soundpaintings. Oracle of Space" features a series of painted violins which Aelita will play during the opening.

Take a look at this 7-year-old art prodigy in action:

Visit Aelita's website to see more of her works and follow her on Facebook. (H/T: Viralnova)

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