People From An Older Generation Say They Don't Regret Their Tattoos

"Well here I am and there that is."

"You Won't Regret That Tattoo," a short documentary by director Angie Bird and producer Michelle Woodward, features interviews with tattooed men and women from an older generation. 

The common thread? Their tattoos all pertain to special memories — and they don't regret getting them. 


Bruce Stewart got his first tattoo in 1978.

Thinking back to that time, Stewart recalls receiving a phone call with news that a woman very close to him had died. 

"So I spent every week, you know, at least one afternoon a week going to the native center and... healing up. The elder gave me a lot of one-on-one, and basically took the wreckage that I was, and put it all back together," Stewart says in the documentary. And at the end of getting back together, I think he, he actually suggested I get the name 'Gentle Brown Bear.'"

"Well here I am and there that is."

Bernice Williams got her first tattoo at age 68, on film.

After beating leukemia, Williams thought "'Oh my god, I've been given a second chance in life.' I always felt like I was in a cocoon, you know, like listen to everybody else's rules and follow the regulations, but I was never really Bernice."

"I think I'm a butterfly," she says. "At this stage in my life now, for sure... I think I'm beautiful now. I like who I am, I'm happy."

And after singing a verse from "Que Sera, Sera," Williams adds:

"That's what it is. Our future isn't ours to see, but we have to live it." 

Watch the full documentary below for more heartfelt tattoo stories:

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