You Won't Believe The Sounds This Bizarre New Instrument Can Make

Strange music.

This fascinating new instrument is called the Yaybahar and it sounds like nothing you've heard before outside of electronic music. Except the Yaybahar is 100% acoustic. No electricity invovled.

It was invented and assembled by Turkish composer Tur Görkem Sen, who is seen playing the instrument in the video.


The Yaybahar produces its mesmerizing, other-wordly sonics through coiled strings that are attached to drum heads. The vibrations in the strings resonate across the drums, which in turn echo back up the strings. A remarkable array of sounds can be produced by hitting the strings at different spots, or by hitting the drums—or striking both at the same time.

Even after seeing the video, it's hard to believe such crazy sounds emanate from the contraption we see Tur Görkem Sen banging away on, but they do. Everything you hear in the video is unprocessed—the Yaybahar sounds like that live. Now if we can just get Arcade Fire to throw one into the mix on their next album.

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