These Cat Ear Headphones Might Change The Face Of Personal Audio

The ears are external speakers.

A company called Axent Wear may have just hit upon the next big thing in headphones.

Billing these unique headsets as "the latest fusion of fashion and functionality" on their Indie-Go-Go campaign, Axent has designed feline-themed earphones that are exactly what they sound like: headphones with cat-ear speakers perched atop them.


The headphones, created by entrepreneur Victoria Hu and artist Wenqing Yan, not only have cat ear speakers, they also feature a choice of eye-catching blue, red, green, or purple LED accents.

The U.C. Berkeley graduates wanted to make "glowing, badass headphones that let you blast your music and express your style."

We think they're achieved that and more.

The Indie-Go-Go campaign is fully funded, but still taking orders until November 7, 2014. Orders are expected to ship in April of next year. The price is currently $150.00 for the color of your choice.

You can pre-order these on Indie-Go-Go and see more pics on Facebook. You can find more technical information at What color would you pick?

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