18 People Who Had Just One Job And Failed Miserably

Hilarious failures.

1. "You mean bananas?" "No, long yellow things!"


2. And that's how the mall burned down.

3. Great, what are your huors tadoy?

4. Gold medal in failure.

5. What, no bonus points for making history?

6. Someone just doesn't give a fork about their job.

7. Sure, just put that there.

8. What do you expect for $1.00?

9. Give grandpa credit for carrying a Sharpie.

10. Your other left.

11. Someone please ferret out the bunnies.

12. In some parts of the country, this could lead to war.

13. It's almost taco salad. Almost.

14. Great headline.

15. Obviously.

16. If only bacon juice was a thing.

17. Nice size, but those don't look quite ripe.

18. Failure: I'm lovin' it.

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