Taylor Schilling, Amanda Seyfried, And 15 More Women Designed Inspiring Feminist Pins


If pins could talk, what would they say?

This week, Wildfang, a shop made up of a "band of thieves" on a mission to "liberate menswear one bowtie at a time," and I Am That Girl, a female empowerment movement, introduced their new You Got This Collection of feminist pins.

The pins are a brilliant display of girl-power designed and inspired by some of the world's most badass women, including actress Taylor Schilling, musician and political activist Masha Alyokhina, and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach. 

"We all need a little boost of confidence every now and again," Wildfang explains. "... This collection is designed to remind us all that badass lies within."

Check out some of the pins and their messages below, and shop them all here. All profits from the collection go to I Am That Girl. 


"Designed by stylist Stacy London, this pin reminds us that we all have our go-to piece of badass-babe armor that makes us feel ready to take on the world."

"Designed by athlete Khalida Popal, this pin reminds us to make noise, ask for what you want, and be the voice for the voiceless. Remember: no one gives you your rights, you have to stand up and take them."

"Designed by actress Taylor Schilling, this pin reminds us that it takes a real tough cookie to show that you have to risk big to win big."

"Designed by actress Monique Coleman, this pin is a reminder to toss out that measuring tape and quit comparing yourself to others—it’s your uniqueness that makes you rad."

"Designed by actress Amanda Seyfried, this pin reminds us that sometimes you have to turn up the volume to drown out the noises around you and learn to shine your own way."

"Designed by singer Masha Alyokhina, this pin is inspired by Pussy Riot’s imprisonment for political protest. Sometimes we all need a reminder to stand up for what is right and never let your truth be silenced."

"Designed by athlete Abby Wambach, this pin is a reminder to fail good- cause failure is just another word for ‘I’m gonna come back and crush it next time'."

Which pin will you rock?

(H/T: HelloGiggles)


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