Artist Creates Fantastic New Breeds By Merging Animals With Their Favorite Foods

Manburger, you say?

Artist Sarah DeRemer didn't get a say in evolution, but if she did, we'd definitely have more crazy-looking animals living around us.

DeRemer's photo manipulations of crazy animal hybrids already dominated the Internet, and this time the artist is back with an even juicier approach. Instead of randomly breeding spiders with sharks and birds with baboons, DeRemer created a series titled "You Are What You Eat," which displays various animals combined with their favorite foods.


Tiger and Wild Boar

Feast your eyes upon these improbable members of the animal kingdom. What combination do you wish was possible?

Bat and Moth

Cat and Fish (finally, 'catfish' makes sense!)

Man and Burger

Snail and Strawberry

Snake and Mouse

Cougar and Deer

Fox and Chicken

Hawk and Rabbit

Frog and Fly

Polar Bear and Seal

Hummingbird and Flower/Nectar

To see more works by Sarah DeRemer, follow her on Facebook and take a look at this article featuring her other project, "Hybrid Animals": Thank God These Animals Don't Exist In Real Life.

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