Sitting All Day? Here Are Some Super Easy Yoga Tips To Relieve Your Stress.

Breathe in ... breathe out ...

For many of us, sitting for an eight-hour stretch at work is the norm.


Sitting all day is stressful, can cause spine misalignment, and is just generally bad for our health. 

As The Huffington Post pointed out, "extended sitting slows the body's metabolism," and it also increases the risk of heart disease.

So what are we supposed to do when the stress hits, but we can't get up and go for a stroll in the park?

One option that may help reduce stress is some easy yoga.

While office floors aren't made out of yoga mats, which makes the "cat stretch" particularly hard to do during office hours, the rest are super easy and can be repeated throughout the day.

While this doesn't make up for extended exercise and you should try to at least walk to the water cooler a few times per day, these tips from could help a bit.

The first easy thing you can do when you need to take your eyes off a computer screen and get up for a moment is the "wrist release."

While you can choose to remain seated, it could be a good idea to try this while making your way to get lunch or just walking around the office a bit with out looking out of place in a work environment. 

This one will require a chair. You can do it at your desk or find a place where you can stretch your legs a little.

It's called the "seated forward bend" and is fairly straightforward. 

If you can find an empty room to pop into for a second, this one is called the "seated twist," which should help stretch out those back muscles.

Check out the full list of tips here:


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