Refugee Girl Was Upset She Didn't Get A Toy During 'Distribution,' So A Kind Man Stepped In

It's the little things.

When Ravinder Singh, activist and volunteer at a refugee camp, saw a little girl crying, he had to investigate. 

Turns out, the little girl is a Yezidi refugee living in at a displacement camp Erbil, Northern Iraq. These refugees are people who have had to flee their homes to escape persecution and death by the hands of the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS. 

According to BuzzFeed News, a local had been distributing old toys to the children. But shortly after, Singh heard loud cries. It was the little girl, crying in her father's arms. 


'I asked Teddy to find out why this girl was so upset. The father explained that she didn’t receive a toy,' he said. 'It broke my heart. It seems her whole world had ended.'

So Singh, who founded a nonprofit and aid program called Khalsa Aid, decided to pull some strings and found a store in the area that sold dolls. 

When he gave it to her, someone captured her reaction. She was ecstatic. 

The images had been circulating around on Twitter as well as Imgur

For Singh, it was just another day at the office. 

"How can we talk about extinction of wildlife, but not pay attention to the extinction of these people who are being persecuted so viciously?" he told BuzzFeed news. 

Hopefully this photo has us all thinking about it. 


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