A World Of Good: Global Health In The Eyes Of Yesar

"Now he has big plans for his future."

One thing unites us no matter where we live or how much money we make, and that's a desire to be both happy and healthy.

What's cool about that is, no matter your age, background, or the region where we reside, we all need many of the same vitamins. And how exciting is it knowing you can do your part to make sure others — and you — get what we need to reach optimum health?

Click on any of the photos above to learn about the unique vitamin needs of boys, girls, women, and men all over the world. Though they may differ, we can each learn how we can work toward our individual and common goal of living happy and healthy lives.


Meet Yesar.

Yesar is a 3-year-old little boy from Ziway, Ethiopia, who yearns to do great things. His future looks bright, which is pretty amazing given that he had a pretty rough start in life.

At just 18 months old, Yesar suffered from diarrhea and malaria — diseases that are common in Ethiopia, along with others such as hepatitis and typhoid fever. His mother, Ayue, who is HIV positive, was worried she might have passed the virus to him. Ayue had many reasons to be nervous about this, especially because HIV is typically direr for children in Ethiopia: They are less likely to receive treatment, and are more likely to face discrimination and bullying in school.

Not only did Yesar's HIV results come back negative, but his health greatly improved! This was in part thanks to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit that distributes vitamins and minerals to children and mothers in need. Through Vitamin Angels, Yesar received multivitamins that contain crucial nutrients, including B vitamins.

It's so important that Yesar continues to get these vitamins because 35 percent of Ethiopia's population lacks food with enough daily nutrients, and malnutrition increases the likelihood of illness developing.

Yesar can help prevent disease and build a healthy immune system by taking vitamin B.

A vitamin B deficiency can diminish learning capabilities, impacting his ability to perform well in school. A vitamin B deficiency can lead to anemia, weakness, and fatigue. When these occur, the body is even more prone to disease. In addition to increasing Yesar's susceptibility to illness, a vitamin B deficiency can diminish learning capabilities, impacting his ability to perform well in school.

Eating the right foods is important, but when that isn't possible, a daily multivitamin supplement can ensure a child like Yesar is getting the proper daily amount of vitamin B. Multivitamins that contain B2, B3, B6, and B12 are important because they help improve metabolism, energy production, and the overall health of the nervous system.

Such multivitamins ensure Yesar has enough energy to play and live a normal life, and one day, go to school and study well.

Children like Yesar are not the only ones who need vitamin B. Eighteen-year-old Gustavo also needs vitamin B. Click on Gustavo's photo, highlighted in beige, to find out how the two of them are connected by their vitamin needs, or explore the rest of the profiles below.

Want to help people around the world get access to vitamins? For every purchase of vitamins and minerals at Walgreens, they will make a donation to Vitamin Angels.

Statements about vitamin deficiencies, the benefits of vitamin B, and recommended doses are not endorsed by or representative of opinions from Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels Photos © Matt Dayka/Vitamin Angels


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