This Man Literally Walked 500 Miles And 500 More To Propose To His Girlfriend

When you put everything at stake, but then it pays off big time.

This is a story of a devoted romantic. Moreso, it's a story of a man who risked losing the woman he loves just to prove his feelings to her.

Back in 2010, a Japanese artist known as Yassan quit his job, left home and set out to wander across Japan for six months. His goal? Create an unforgettable marriage proposal for his girlfriend. 

Using GPS, Yassan traveled 7163.7 kilometers mostly by foot, but also using cars, ferries and cycling. After returning back home, he downloaded the data into Google Earth and the trace read...


The best part is, she said YES.

In 2012, Yassan's "Marry Me" project had been certified by Guiness World Records as "the largest GPS drawing."

Ever since his first project, Yassan has been creating these GPS drawings worldwide, from London to Dubai. Recently, his story was featured by Hi-Tec in their "Walkumentary" series.

Check out their video on Yassan's GPS art below.

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