Voting Matters, But Jimmy Fallon And Yara Shahidi’s Throwback-Style Clip Makes It Fun

"So don’t miss the possibility to take part in your democracy."

Chances are you've seen Schoolhouse Rock! segments such as "I'm Just a Bill" or "Conjunction Junction" break down complex ideas into understandable lessons. Now, Yara Shahidi and Jimmy Fallon have gifted us with "Voting Avenue," a video encouraging young people to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.


"It's a place you get to go when you turn 18," cartoon Shahidi, star of Black-ish and Grown-ish, tells cartoon Fallon when asked what exactly "Voting Avenue" is — with music and animation, of course. "It means you get to vote."

The two are joined by an adorable hand-drawn character named Ballot, who explains that voting is an "opportunity for something new" that you get by going out in the world to "do your civic duty." Fallon calls this whole voting thing "far out," with Shahidi agreeing that it is but also that it's actually "closer than you think."

Ballot goes on to explain that "it don't matter who you are," encouraging all types of people (from different ages, backgrounds, and identities) to vote. Ballot also makes the distinction that it "don't make a difference if you're red or blue," driving home the fact that both Republicans and Democrats both deserve to have their voices heard.

This isn't just a theoretical discussion on voting, though. There's real advice here and some actual actionable things you can do when it comes to voting. First, register online at or just ask Siri. Then, as Ballot explains, you just fill out your application and you're all set — it's as easy as "two plus two."

After finding out how easy it is to vote, Fallon then asks why we should vote now when the presidential election isn't until 2020. That's when Shahidi reminds us all that there's an election every year, and that state and local elections "can be just as important — if not more." Plus, there are important topics to consider.

"So don't miss the possibility to take part in your democracy," our trio reminds us at the end of the clip, joining hands with others across the entire United States.

Watch the video for “Voting Avenue” here:


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