These Cartoons Show The Power Of Replacing "Sorry" With "Thank You"

"If you want to say thank you, don't say sorry."

Chances are, you probably say sorry more than you should.

Don't apologize for that, though. 

Illustrator Yao Xiao has picked up on how people tend to be overly apologetic when they really should be more openly thankful. 

"A few friends of mine would always say 'thank you for hanging out with me' and I couldn't figure out why it was so nice to hear it," she told us. "When I thanked people, it brought to light the fact that we just did something together--and that realization made us both happier." 

In her cartoons, Xiao presents scenarios where people tend to be apologetic, and flips them to emphasize the gratitude we could really express. Xiao says she doesn't want people to be ashamed for apologizing, though. "To me it is not about correcting behavior, it is about taking an extra step when you are capable. I know that when I say 'sorry I'm taking up so much of your time,' I just want to hear someone say 'it's okay, and I like spending time with you.' It comes from the same place, and people understand it. That's why I chose 'If you want to say thank you, don't say sorry.'"

While you're rethinking your apologies, be sure to keep in mind some things just don't need to be apologized for.



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