Train Conductor Gets Glee Club To Follow His Lead As They Perform A Stunning Christmas Tune

We wish this was our commute.

"I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct ... and somehow they bought it," Metro North Railroad's Bob McDonough wrote on Facebook.

When Yale's glee club showed up on his train, McDonough decided to take control and pretend to conduct a Christmas tune and make the ride that much better. 

As McDonough gestures for the students to sing, they break into "Carol of the Bells," a stunning, intricate song popular during the holiday season.


"When your conductor on the Metro-North comes up to your singing group and says, 'Hey guys, I've got an idea for a video...'"

"...A HUGE thank you to Bob McDonough for making Saturday's return to New Haven the best train ride the Yale Glee Club's ever had," the club wrote in a Facebook post following their unique ride.

And the video, with over two million Facebook views, certainly ends on a high note (no pun intended). 

As the conductor makes his last move, the group flawlessly completes the song and erupts into applause and laughter.

Not to mention the whole thing appears to be inspired by pure creativity, joy, and, of course, some holiday spirit (and who doesn't need a little bit of that).

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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